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Our Philosophy


The other guys brag about being the experts when it comes to hunting and fishing, but you won’t hear us say that. You also won’t find a bunch of pictures of us with our trophies or a big pile of birds at our feet. We’d rather save those for you; after all, serving our clients is why we got into this business. The great outdoors is our passion, and if it’s your passion, we’re here to serve you.

So if we’re not the experts, who are? The outfitters, guides and lodge owners you’ll find here have more experience in the field and on the water than any guy sitting at his desk pushing trips to meet his monthly quota. The companies we work with are here to provide our clients the best chance at making their hunting and fishing trip the adventure of a lifetime, and that means more than just tagging a trophy. It’s about the campfire, the sun setting on a prime piece of water, the relationships you build when you’re outdoors.

It’s these relationships that are the heart of what we do at Rendezvous Sporting Adventures. We have visited every place we book and know first-hand the fine quality and service these outfitters and lodges provide. Rather than offer you a thousand options or book for just any operation based on a higher commission percentage, we’ve hand-picked the best. It’s the only way we know of to ensure your dreams are in the hands of those that can make them a reality.

We consider these people our friends, and after you visit them, we think you will too. They’re the type of people we’d walk a field with, share a river with or swap hunting stories with for life. We stay in contact with them throughout the year and we encourage you to do the same with us. Call us just to chat and we think you’ll find we’re not here to brag or boast. We’re here to help you enjoy your time outdoors, to make memories and build friendships with people just like you.



Our Team


Justin with dog

Justin Neal Fishing Justin Neal

Justin Neal


Justin Neal, President of RSA, leads the agency and ensures each and every client receives the time and attention they deserve, fulfilling their dream adventure.

When not focusing his time on RSA, Justin is the President and founder of Rendezvous Marketing Group, a boutique ad agency focusing on the outdoor and pet industries for the past 15 years.

Justin grew up in the outdoor industry around a sporting goods store based in Sidney, NE. At a young age he was exposed to all things hunting and fishing in his local area and abroad. Now, Justin focuses most of his outdoor pursuits on upland birds and fly-fishing.

Contact Justin today: jneal@rendezvoussportingadventures.com


Brittany Maki with Kudu

Brittany Maki Bird Hunting Brittany Maki Fishing Brittany Maki Deer Hunting

Brittany Maki

Vice President

Brittany Maki, Co-Owner of RSA, oversees the agency’s internal operations and directs RSA’s big game operations; including outfitter recruitment, communications and overall strategy.

When not diving head first into RSA customers, Brittany holds the position of Director of Communications for RSA’s Parent Company, Rendezvous Marketing Group.

Brittany resides in Louisville, KY with her husband Ben and their 5 children. She and her family have traveled the globe hunting and fishing at some of the most prestigious lodges with some of the most accomplished outfitters. To say Brittany lives for the outdoors and all its pursuits is an understatement, being married to the SVP/CMO of Mossy Oak has allowed Brittany to fulfill every outdoor adventure and then some.

She is an expert in national and international big game hunting.

Contact Brittany at: bmaki@rendezvoussportingadventures.com